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Has your odometer or trip odometer stopped working?

Odometer Gear Replacement

Most speedometer gears fail because they were made with soft plastic that becomes brittle and decays with age. If you are comfortable with small mechanical repairs, you can save money and repair the odometer (mileage indicator) mechanism yourself with our replacement gears. We stock gears for both mechanical speedometers and analog electronic speedometers. Our high quality gears are machined using a long-lasting, hard plastic and carry a LIFETIME LIMITED WARRANTY.

Analog speedometer gauge

Don’t be fooled by inferior gears sold elsewhere on the internet for the same price! We have odometer replacement gears for most makes of speedometers including:

BMW, BMW Motorcycle, Audi, Volvo, Saturn, Mercedes Benz, Ford, Lincoln, Mercury, Chrysler, Dodge, Saab, Motometer, Sumlog and VDO

NOTE: If both your speedometer and odometer don’t work, you may have a different problem. Visit our full website for details. If you are looking for transmission gears, try our friends at TCI Auto.